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Welcome to Soul Space, where you can experience your own magic, through energy, sound and connection to the divine.



Soul Space Trainings

The Hologram of Life Course

Certified Level-One Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Training

Over the two days the Level 1 will teach you the techniques of how to play, theory of sound, how the bowls work with the chakras, how to clean and look after bowls, how to choose them, introduction to healing and the importance of intention and intuition.

Into The Light

Certified Level-Two Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Join Selda Goodwin at Soulstice London as we dive deeper into the realms of healing through sound, vibration and soul work to create alignment in these very high energetic times. With our cosmic portals wide open, we can now begin to guide ourselves and each other towards greater healing. Find who shares your galactic signature and whether you are connected to the celestial, ancestral realms, the angelic beings, or the planetary guides and protectors.



“Noted as one of “The triangle of wisdom who have given me so much: Selda Goodwin: you have filled my toolkit for life…thank you” 
- Holly Willoughby


“Had a really beautiful session with this incredible soul this morning. Now I know why everyone messages me to try you.” 
- Melissa Woodtepperberg


“I had an amazing energy healing session with Selda” 
- Millie Mackintosh


“Angel Selda came over for a healing session today and it was incredible. Using a mix of techniques and intuition, I really felt so relaxed afterwards. Thank you so much Selda.” 
- Roxie Nafousi


“Through her gifts, Selda created a space where I felt truly held, not just by her but by something greater. I was able to connect with parts of myself that were in deep grief, not in a triggering way but in a gentler, softer way, as though I was finally able to listen to what I needed.”
- Kayleigh Attwood

Crystalline Workshops

A captivating journey into the realm of sound healing and vibrational resonance with our Alchemy Crystal Bowls workshop. This immersive 2-hour session guides you through essential techniques while indulging in a soothing mini sound bath during the first hour. You will have a hands-on experience playing the bowls, followed by a Q&A session to deepen your understanding. Join us for a harmonious exploration of healing vibrations and inner resonance. 

Crystalign - The Fountain of Knowledge. 

Shifting the paradigm from survival to living a fully empowered life. For anyone facing the challenges of the unknown. Hormones, health and longevity.  This workshop has been born out of a personal desire to fully embrace and understand my next life chapter.  This workshop aims to ALIGN and inform, hold space and nourish anyone in need. Whether your struggle is endometriosis, perimenopause or menopause, pcos, infertility, adhd, high stress, even worry and anxiety. 

1:1 Energy Sessions

One to one sessions are a chance to get ‘clear’ and be honest. To lay out all the things that are holding you back. Through the use of hands on healing, intuitive channelling and sound healing, these often transformational sessions offer an opportunity to step out of the mind trickery and into the heart space. To contact the parts of you that have been lost, to feel, to unlearn and relearn who you are.

Group Sessions

A chance to gather with like minded souls. Group sessions, whether trainings, workshops or retreats are the perfect way to be held by a greater force, a collective energy. The synergy of life means that you will always be in the right place at the right time. 

Retreats with Soul Space

Kundalini Retreat Ibiza

When your energy rises and the mind clears, what was bothering you is not relevant anymore. You feel free. Now you hang out in this state of freedom, joy rises, feel your experience and start to memorise this state.

June 22-28 | August 24-31 | October 14-20

Reformer Retreat Ibiza

Luxurious Pilates Reformer retreats in stunning locations worldwide. All our exclusive, hand-picked boutique villas offer first-class facilities, delicious food and everyone receives an indulgent complimentary massage enabling you to truly embark on a transformative journey of body and mind. May 30 | June 13 | Sept 21 | Oct 5

Private Event Enquiries

Indulge in a bespoke wellness experience tailored just for you and your intimate circle with private event and retreat offerings. Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating escape, a transformative healing journey, or a soulful gathering, experience curated events designed to nurture mind, body, and spirit.


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