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“Noted as one of “The triangle of wisdom who have given me so much: Selda Goodwin: you have filled my toolkit for life…thank you” 
- Holly Willoughby


“Had a really beautiful session with this incredible soul this morning. Now I know why everyone messages me to try you.” 
- Melissa Woodtepperberg


“Angel Selda came over for a healing session today and it was incredible. Using a mix of techniques and intuition, I really felt so relaxed afterwards. Thank you so much Selda.” 
- Roxie Nafousi


“I had an amazing energy healing session with Selda” 
- Millie Mackintosh


“Through her gifts, Selda created a space where I felt truly held, not just by her but by something greater. I was able to connect with parts of myself that were in deep grief, not in a triggering way but in a gentler, softer way, as though I was finally able to listen to what I needed. ”
- Kayleigh Attwood


The intention is to get as close to your truth as possible. In this state of being lies love, contentment, and a naturally aligned empowerment.

Our unique blend of intuitive energy healing and certified sound healing sessions creates sacred spaces, embracing the essence of womanhood, purpose, and profound self-discovery. More than a healing sanctuary, Soul Space offers an expansive array of tools, practices, and services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to well-being. 

Selda is..
- A seer
- An energy
- A guide

Selda was born into the mystic culture of the Turkish Cypriot tradition. Her access to source has been cultivated over many lifetimes, of which the last 20 years has been a remembering. From working in vast fields of the masculine system to spending the best part of her adult life learning what it means to be a woman, she is connected and guided solely by her inner world. A gnosis and deep trust of her truth forms her existence. 

Our Values

To know yourself is to understand the purpose of life. 

Empowerment for all

Everyone is welcome. Selda Soul Space is a place for all. 


Until we are all free, no one is free. 

Freedom for our future


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